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Assistive Devices for Differently Abled Users at Prof. S S Basavanal Library, Karnatak University, Dharwad


Sl. No Name of the Device Description

ZoomEx Instant Reader


A light-weight portable camera device that uses Motion Sensor technology in combination with its proprietary software to make Scanning & instant reading of text fast and easy in an Indian accent English voice.

Kurzweil K1000 Scanning & Reading        Software

Converts the computer into a Scanning & Reading machine to enable the blind & low vision people to scan and read printed books independently.                                   

Plex Talk PTN2 Talking DAISY Player

Flex Talk.JPG

An excellent tool to study DAISY books or E-books or listen to audio titles from music CDs, MP3, or WMA CDs or audio books on CDs, SD Cards and USB pen drives.

JAWS Talking Software for the Blind


JAWS Software converts your computer into a talking computer enabling the blind to operate the same independently suitable for windows Vista, XP, Windows 7 and now even Windows 8.1 including all windows application such as MS Office. Special Features includes Pace Marjers & Custom Labels, Research it feature, Word Index, FS Reader, Convenient OCR, and Flexible Web. Touch Cursor, Advanced Navigation Speech History & Text Analyzer.

Magic Screen Magnification Software with speech


MAGIC magnifies the computer screen from 1.1 to 36 times its normal size to suit the comfort level of the user having Law Vision to enable him/her to operate the computer independently And also to give training in computers to those with low vision/partial sight.


Lex instant reader and scanner

Reads printed documents and books. Fast upto 20pages per minute. Auto capture. Accurate reads right into the spines of books. Choose document colours and tints. 6 enhanced viewing modes. Quickly & easily transfer documents to your MP3 player, Dictaphone. MS Word, PDF etc.




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