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Prof. S. S. Basavanal Library
Karnatak University , Dharwad

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Following dialogues will help you to resolve your problems otherwise please contact the library circulation staff personally or visit the library website.

1.Who can be the member of the Library?

Ans: The following persons can become member of the Library

  1. Current PG and PhD Students of Karnatak University Campus Dharwad;
  2. Teaching and nonteaching employees of the University;


2. How can one become a member of Prof. S. S. Basavnal library?

Ans.: Karnatak University Students can walk into the Library's circulation counter on any of the working day between 8.00 A.M. to 7.00 P.M. and can enrol themselves as a library member by submitting the prescribed application along with the challan of the fees paid towards admission to the concerned course, a copy of the Adhaar card and photos (stamp size and passport size).


3.Where do I get membership application?

Ans.: You can get the application at the library circulation counter or online on the library web page. The students have to submit the application within the due date every year if not late fees of Rs 50/- will be charged.


4. How can I get borrower’s cards?

Ans.: Borrower’s cards will be issued for students against refundable deposit for Rs 200/-each. The amount will be refunded soon after the submission of refund application form by the user. .


5. How many books can I borrow?

Ans.: One book will be issued against one borrowers’ card; the maximum numbers of books issued to different users are as given below;


Kind of Users Number of Books Issued
 PG Students  2 books
 PG Students with Reserved category   (SC/ST/CAT-I)  3 books
 Research Scholars  5 books
 Assistant Professors  15 books
 Associate Professors  20 books
 Professors  25 books



6. How do I borrow books?

Ans.: Go to the book stacks, pick up the books you like to borrow, carry these books to the Circulation Counter. Show your ID card and give your borrower’s   card (one book will be issued against one borrower’s card). The library staff will issue them to you.


7. What to do if I lose the Identity card or Borrower card?

Ans.: Apply for the duplicate card and you have to pay Rs 50 for each card. (Click here for letter format)


8. Can an outsider use the Library?


a) Yes as a visitor you can use the library for limited period. The visitor should carry institutional identity card/ Adhaar card. The visitor will be charged nominal fees as given below;

Visitor’s Fees

Rs. 25-00 per day,

Rs. 100-00 per week,

Rs. 200-00 for a fortnight and

Rs. 300-00 for a month.

b) Post Graduate Students of the constituent colleges of KUD having identity card can use the library.


9. What are the issue/return (of books) timings of the Library?

Ans.: Monday to Friday 08:30 AM –to- 06:30 PM

  Saturday 11:00 AM –to- 5.30 PM

         The library will remain closed on Sundays and other general holidays.


10. What is “OPAC”?

Ans.: OPAC stands for ‘Online Public Access Catalogue’. This is a database of all books, reference books available in the library. It enables speedy search by an author, title, subject, keyword etc.


11. How do I know what e-books are available / accessible to KUD library users?

Ans.: Go to library web page, Click on Resources then select E-Books document from sub-menu. The document will list all the e-books available.


12. Can I bring my own books in the Library?

Ans.: No, the Library does not allow personal books for study inside the library; instead the students can refer the library books kept on the stack. All the personal books brought to the library should be kept at the property counter at the entrance of the library.


13. What shall I do if I do not get the book on shelve?

Ans.: First contact the library staff responsible for shelving of books in that area. If not satisfied, please contact Staff at Circulation Counter.


14.What is the maximum lending period for an issued book?

Ans.: The maximum lending period for different users is as given below

          PG Students                           10 days

          Differentiy abled students        15 days 

          Ph. D and Staff member          01 Month

          The due date is always stamped on the due date slip at the back pages of the book during issuance.


15. How do I renew books I have already borrowed?

Ans.: Bring the books intended to renew back to the library and get them renewed at the Circulation Counter.


16. How many times a book can be renewed?

Ans.: A book can be renewed 3 times by PG Students.


17. Is there a fine for late return (Over-due) of books?

Ans.: Yes, if user fails to return the books within prescribed period of time the user has to pay a penalty of Re.1/day per book.


18. How / where do I pay Library dues?

Ans.: Library dues (fine) can be paid in cash at the Circular Counter.


19. Can I borrow Journals for overnight or for a short period?

Ans.: No, Journals cannot be borrowed.


20. What types of documents are kept in the Reference Collection?

Ans.: References collection mainly contains encyclopaedias, handbooks, dictionaries, directories, CD and some rare collection books.


21. Can I borrow the reference books?

Ans.: Reference books are not issued for home issue, they are meant for referring and reading purpose within the reading room of the library.


22. How do I refer Dissertations/ theses?

Ans.: University faculty, students, research scholars and staff can refer dissertations, theses kept in Periodical section (Ground floor). All the theses are available online full text through “Shodhganga” repository of INFLIBNET.


23. Can I borrow dissertation/theses?

Ans.: No. Theses and dissertations are not issued.


24. What am I required to do for a loss of book?

Ans.: As far as possible, replace the same copy of lost book or its latest edition (where the earlier edition is not a rare book). If the book is not available for sale in the market 6 times of the cost of the book or Rs. 1,000/- whichever is more has to be paid.


25. Can regular users recommend a book for purchase in the Library?

Ans.: Yes, you can suggest for purchase of books for Library through your heads of the department. We always encourage your participation in our collection building.




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